23 things to do while 23

A friend challenged me to create a list of 23 things to do while I was 23. My birthday is in May, and I was challenged to do this list in June. Spoiler alert: It’s now September and I haven’t accomplished much.

I like the idea behind it. Give yourself some goals for a year (that is different than the cliche New Years Goals) and find ways to challenge and push yourself. My favorite part of my birthday is reflecting on how much I have grown in that year and looking forward to everything in the upcoming year. Luckily my birthday is in the spring and right after graduation, so there’s a fresh and hopeful attitude in the air already.

I posted about my list in the #SAGrad chat one week, and thanks to my great friend @CidnyeWeimer I wanted to write a blog on my {lack of} progress.

I like to advertise my blog as being real and raw. While a lot of my life focuses on Student Affairs and being a #SAGrad , I still have my own life outside of Student Affairs. Tonight is a post about my personal life, and I am sharing that all with you.

Now a glimpse into my personal life…

23 Things To Do While 23 (in no particular order)

Get a job

Watching wonderful job opportunities come and go is challenging… but application time will be here before I know it! I’m so ready to tackle this.


Let’s do it.

Run a 5K

This would have been easier before I broke my foot in June. However, I’m still determined to get it done!

Read 23 books

This one was a little ambitious, but I think it’s a good goal to have even if I don’t complete it this year.

Do something new at Disney

I am at Disney all the time, if you don’t know me. I am an annual pass holder and turn into a 5 year old as soon as I cross the line onto Disney property. Since I am so comfortable in the parks, I often complete my usual path and stick to my same tips and tricks. I want to try something new at Disney this year: whether it’s a new restaurant, a ride I always skip over, or a seasonal nighttime party.

Go on a real vacation 

Get there. Check in to a hotel. Enjoy. Disconnect. Come home. I did recently book a flight to New York in December so I can spend New Years Eve with my boyfriend in Time Square (!!!) so maybe this will count? If not… graduation vacation here I come!

Run a 10K

See notes for 5K.

Go hiking

Real hiking, with real shoes, and no cell phone service.

Get a DOG

I have been trying to get a dog for a while now, but my finances are dedicated to graduation  with my Masters debt free. Puppy, you will have to wait….. probably. (I already have a name picked out. Proactive or weird?)

Read Harry Potter 

I have yet to read all 7 books, and I really want to read them all. PLUS I am dying to read the new book (Cursed Child) but I need to read the full series first!

NACA Nationals Grad Intern 

I got it! 🙂 I am so excited for this opportunity! You’ll hear lots about it in the future… I am NACA obsessed.

Chattanooga Bucket List 

I didn’t complete my list, but I got a lot done while I was in Chattanooga! I loved my time exploring the city and ate a LOT of yummy food. It was a successful summer.

Make friends at new job

But first, I need a job.

Visit nephews

Ohio, here I come!

Visit niece 

I was lucky to drive up to Panama City to see my brother, sister in law, and niece for her 2nd Birthday this past weekend. I am so thankful to be within driving distance from them.

Go to Little’s Graduation 

This is going to be a surprise, hopefully. Don’t tell her!

See Andrew in California  

My brother works in California Adventure at Disneyland in California. I want to take another trip out to see him kick butt in all his performances (he is in the Red Car Trolley Newsboys show AND in the Frozen show). I love Disney and adore my twin brother, so watching him perform AT Disney is the best. However, grad school makes flights and vacations to California a little challenging.

Get a new ΓΦΒ volunteer job 

I am currently an advisor for the Eta Xi Chapter at UF, but I am determined to continue volunteering once I leave Gainesville. Secret reveal: I am also determined to be International President one day.

Don’t be unhappily single 

This originally started as being happy and content being single. And I got it. Well, to my surprise… if you noticed earlier I mentioned going to NYC with my boyfriend. So no I’m not single, but I am certainly happy.

Learn to cook a new meal 

If you have any recipes, I would love to hear them!

Start a blog

Well clearly I successfully completed this one! 🙂 Shoutout to YOU for reading! Not only did I start my own blog, but I was also asked to become a guest writer for Check I’m Here. I am honored to join this wonderful and hardworking team. Be on the lookout on the Check I’m Here Blog for my first post in October!

Write 23 handwritten notes/letters/cards 

This is probably my favorite one. Hand written thank you cards and notes in the mail are a lost and forgotten art, and I am determined to bring it back (at least a little).

Go a week without complaining 

This is a newer idea, and it will probably be the hardest one to accomplish on my list (maybe I can read 23 books that week?). I will start with a day and move up from there, but I am hoping this challenge will change my life. I will keep you posted on how this goes!


I encourage you to do the same challenge. Start it now– it’s not too late! If you decide to do this challenge too, let me know! I would love to follow you on your adventure.


XOXOXO, amandarae

quote of the day: “If you’re going to volunteer for something, do it. And do it well.” – Anthony DeSantis 

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