How I got addicted to #Wunderlist

During my first week as an #SAGrad (over a year ago.. woah!) my supervisor asked me “Hey, have you heard of Wunderlist?” Me: “No..” …. and then my life changed.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but not really. I was introduced to this app that my supervisor used and I thought she was cool and it seemed cool, so I downloaded it. Little did I know that I would quickly become obsessed with an application and  become it’s #1 advocate. It was the perfection solution for the always-on-the-go extremely organized weirdo like me and I have spent that entire year depending on it and sharing it with others. I have gotten so many others obsessed and dependent on it, that they should really pay me for all this advocating and free advertising I do. (Just kidding… kind of. I mean I am putting myself through graduate school….)

“Keep your life in sync”. That’s their motto. That’s their link. And little do they know just how in sync they keep my life.

Wunderlist in an online to-do list. It’s a reminder. It’s a errands checklist. And they claim it’s the app of the year and I would certainly believe it.

I would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone. Need a new way to organize your to-do lists? Use Wunderlist. Don’t need something new? I’m pretty sure you could use Wunderlist for two weeks and I could change your mind. If Wunderlist was a toothpaste, I believe that FIVE out of FIVE dentists would recommended it.  Yes– that one dentist would finally cave and be unanimous with the others. That’s how passionately I feel about this app.

So let me share with you some of the reasons you need this app in your life, some tips and tricks that I use, and how it can help you.

You can access it literally anywhere and everywhere

I have this app on my iPhone, on my MacBook Pro, and my work computer. While I have downloaded it to those three places, I can pull it up in any internet browser. Think of it like this: it’s “the cloud” for your to-do list. And while I’m an Apple fan (clearly shown via my phone and laptop choice), I prefer Wunderlist compared to “reminders” or Google or anything. Since all my lists are in one place, I never have the issue of writing something down and forgetting where I put it or forgetting to translate it to another to-do list. In class and I think of a grocery I need? I write it down. At work and I think of a phone call I need to make? I get it on that list too. Laying in bed and I remember I forgot to send an email at work? Make note to do that first thing tomorrow morning! I’ve always been a big believer in pen and a planner. Trust me– I found pure joy and satisfaction in writing everything down by hand in a planner with my color coded pens. However, I always found myself thinking of things to do when I didn’t have my planner near, or writing something on a post-it note and them quickly flooding my desk. It wasn’t efficient. Now I have all my lists in one place, and honestly I’m never without my laptop or my phone. If I think of something, it immediately goes into that proper list. When you don’t have to worry about what to remember, your life gets a lot easier.

Tip|Trick: If you don’t have time to find the list you need, simply create your to-do in the “inbox” and sort it into the correct folder later!

The satisfaction of the “ding”

Do you find pure joy in crossing something off your to-do list? Do you ever find yourself maybe writing a little extra down, just so you have more to cross off later? Or.. are you like me.. and you’ve purposely written down something you have already completed just so you can then mark it off? Well sometimes we need that little moment of satisfaction. Well just wait until you hear the glorious “ding” when you complete a task. It sounds silly now, but that perfect sound will make you instantly motivated to get more done. It works!


A really cool aspect of Wunderlist is the ability to collaborate and share lists. Each list is individual, so you can share one list but not another. For example, my “to-do” list for my graduate assistantship is shared with my supervisor, so she can add items to my list or I can assign tasks to her. This aspect is so helpful because she can assign tasks to me while I’m not in the office instead of bombarding me with emails and she can see what I am working on and accomplishing too. We made another list for our annual Big Orange Festival last March and were able to list every.single.thing. we had to do before the festival, and assign it to each individual. It was so helpful knowing what others were going to work on and what they accomplished without constantly bombarding them. I strongly recommend this if you do a lot of collaboration!

Due dates and reminders and subtasks, oh my!

If you want to stay organized, this app will help you! What I love about Wunderlist is not just the ability to make to-do tasks and organize them holistically, but also the ability to organize and personalize each task individually, too. Your options include: assign to, due date, reminder, add a subtask, add a note, and add a comment.


As you can see above, here are two screenshots of real lists I have (the left one is my homework, and the right one is personal). For my homework assignment, reading specifically, it’s difficult if I write every piece of reading or every section I have to read for that day. Especially when I’m reading 15 law cases per class, it’s easier to create it as one task to-do and list each individual reading as a subtask. That way, I can still mark them off as I go! On the right hand side, you can see that I have my reminder set to pay some bills every month. It reminds me two days before it is due. And since it’s automatic repeat, I never have to worry about missing a bill! I pay it, check it, and wait for the next month.

Organizational freak or normal list 

Wunderlist fits every type of person, whether you are an organizational freak (like me) or want a simple and normal to-do list. It can be as in depth and detailed or as simple as you would like. Want just two lists, personal and work? Still easier than sticky notes and better than filling your planner. But if you want to include a bunch of folders and lists to keep everything together in once place but organized, it’s perfect for that too! Which leads me to…

Folder and lists happy 


The left screen is my home page. This is my exact Wunderlist. As you can see: I have a folder for work, a list for the first year seminar class I am instructing, a list for my practicum, a folder for school, a folder for personal, and a folder from my summer internship. A list is just a single list, where as the folder has separate lists organized into the folder. Under my school folder is one list called homework/readings, which is pictured on the right. As you can see, this is how I organized ALL my homework assignments for the semester. I (personally) put it in by class then list the assignment, so I can easily glance and see. Also, see that “sort” button at the bottom middle? This allows me to sort my list by due date, by date created, by name, etc. I prefer to have my lists sorted by due date, but I can sort by name if I wanted them to do in order of my classes. I love my folders and lists because it helps me keep everything separate (like color coding, but easier on the eyes) while still keeping everything together.

And many, many more reasons…

Okay, that was a LOT of of information and a really long blog post, but I honestly just LOVE Wunderlist! Now, I want to hear from you now! Do you use Wunderlist? What are some of your tips and tricks? What do you have questions about? I would love for you to tweet me @Amanda_Koslow and I will respond to you via Twitter and possibly post on my blog as well (if it’s something important to share with the group).


XOXOXO, amandarae


Quote of the day: “An organized list is a happy list! ” – Me, after using Wunderlist

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