why every #SAGrad needs @TheSkimm

7:00am my alarm goes off. I snooze.

7:30am my alarm goes off, again. I turn on my TV, and snooze again.

7:45am my alarm goes off, again. Okay, time to wake up.

I sit up in my bed and tune in to #TheTodayShow while I check my phone notifications from the night before and finish my water. After checking my notifications, I open my email and read that morning’s Skimm. I read it, watch a little of the Today Show, and roll out of bed around 8:00am to go wash my face and officially begin my day.

This week is #TheSkimm ‘s 4th Birthday (HBD!), so I thought it was a perfectly appropriate week to share how much I love this daily email newsletter. I was first introduced to #TheSkimm by a sorority sister, who told me “It’s the easy and lazy way to stay updated on the world without having to try.” While that’s not necessarily the way I would explain it, she also isn’t wrong.

Here is how #TheSkimm describes themselves:


Easy, isn’t it?

Well if that didn’t convince you as to why you should sign up, I have some reasons of my own. Some of these points are important reasons why you need #TheSkimm specifically. Some of these points are important reasons to stay updated with current issues and the news in general. Nevertheless, I’ve learned that staying updated on current issues is important. But if you’re like me, staying updated on current issues is hard. Here are some reasons signing up for #TheSkimm can be beneficial to you:

It’s free

The #1 question I’m asked when I talk about #TheSkimm is “Is it free?” YES. IT IS FREE. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FREE. No, it’s not a deceiving “free but….” tactic. No, it’s not a “free with limited access or you can pay us for the full version.” No, it’s not some silly umbrella scam system. It’s honestly, genuinely, beautifully FREE. No crazy accounts or passwords. You just type in your email, and you’re done.  Easy as one, two, FREE. (See what I did there?)

It’s easy

Like I mentioned, it’s super easy. It’s easy to receive. It’s easy to read. The emails just appears in my inbox every morning (usually around 6:30am, but they sometime send them out as early at 4:30am). One email, and that’s it. They don’t spam you (we all get enough emails as is). It’s easy to read and is well organized, too. There is a quote of the day, the most important stories, and a random fact or “thing to know.” You read it, and five minutes later you’re updated and ready to start your day. What is easier than a quick and efficient method like that?!

It makes sense 

For me personally, the hardest part about staying updated with the news is that I just get confused. I was always the worst at reading an article or hearing a story and being able to summarize what really happened. But The Skimm does that FOR me! It’s like a little personal assistant every morning saying, “Good morning, Amanda. Here is the important news and updates of what is going on in this crazy world of ours. Let me break it down for you–” and it explains the stories to me like a (very knowledgeable) friend would. Even when they discuss more foreign ideas like politics in other countries, they explain it in a simple way so you can understand the big picture. As my SPHE Coordinator always reminds us, “Don’t get bogged down in the details.” Skimm makes it easy to get the big picture in a way that just makes sense.

It’s unbiased 

Someone asked me today “is it left or right winged?” and I responded “I don’t know.” Maybe I’m naive, but I really haven’t noticed Skimm take sides on any issues. In fact, that’s what I like about it. Even news sources present the information in a very “right” or “left” tone. But Skimm focuses on WHAT is happening, not WHY it is happening. If they present something debatable, they present it as “some believe that” and keep it very neutral. Picture this: a conduct office presenting the case during a hearing. You can still report on what’s happening and who believes what without taking sides. The Skimm does the same.

It tells you what you need to know

Similar to what I mentioned above, The Skimm mentions “here is what some argue” or “here is what angers a lot of people.” So not only presenting the topic itself, but it allows you to prepare the debates you may hear later on in the day. Example: remember the Cincinnati Zoo fiasco with the little boy and Harambe, the gorilla? Not only did The Skimm tell you what happened (boy fell in, zoo shot gorilla) but it tells you what’s important about this issue (some are blaming at the parents, some are mad at the zoo.) So that way when you go into work, you know not only *what* happened but *what specifically* people may be arguing about, ahem, discussing passionately.

It helps you stay connected.

As an #SAGrad, this point is specifically useful. One piece of advice I received at the beginning of my grad school adventure was to always stay connected. If I’m being honest, I used to hate staying updated on current events and issues. I was bored, I hated the politics and the fights, and I assumed if it was that important then I would end up finding out. Well thankfully grad school helps you grow as a person and I quickly rid myself of this mindset and replaced it with a true knowledge of why it’s important to stay connected. But as an #SAGrad or #SAPro or even a human, it’s hard to do everything we want to do. Thankfully, The Skimm helps you stay connected without a lot of the work. Yes, I can read about some events and issues on Twitter, but reading the newsletter every morning helps me start my day connecting to the world. Not only do I feel more connected, but it gives me an opportunity to form my own ideas and options and engage in conversation throughout the day. Heck, it’s pretty cool when you are the one who can initiate the conversation too. Start every day with learning. Don’t be a passive learner. Be active. You would be surprised how many don’t…


Between reading #TheSkimm every morning and watching #TheTodayShow as I wake up and get ready for work, I feel a lot more updated and connected to my world. I am a lot less blind sighted by “breaking news” on a daily basis. I’m focused a lot on professional development, and it’s amazing how many opportunities for growth I can provide myself. I enjoy feeling connected and knowledgable. And it’s relieving to be able to engage in conversation instead of listening and trying to figure out the story.

Side note: It’s really cool when the Today Show covers a news update that I already know about.

Shameless plug: If you are interested in signing up, use my referral link! Just click here.

What is your favorite part about @theSkimm ? You know I love Twitter, so please Tweet me @Amanda_Koslow and share!

XOXOXO, amandarae


quote of the day: “Skimm’d while organizing Skimm birthday swag” – The Skimm from today’s newsletter. They always mention what they were doing while writing. Often times, it involves wine.

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